Kill Your Darlings



I am very much looking forward to this film. It’s great to see Daniel Radcliffe in something that appears to suit him wonderfully. (I ignored The Woman in Black). Plus there was the fear he’d never get out of being a wizard.

It tells a side of the 1944 murder of David Kammerer by Lucien Carr which involved many name drops of the Beat Generation. Harry Potter (oops sorry) plays Allen Ginsberg, Dane DeHaan as Carr and the awesome Michael C. Hall as Kammerer.

Hall is another one I’d like to see after playing the good-bad guy in Dexter for so long. He plays creepy well, but in this I wonder if he will be extra creepy. From the jazz-infused trailer it seems to be taking a similar angle to Carr’s story of events- that Kammerer was a sleazy homosexual predator. Yet I’ll be interested to see the film in full to get a perspective on what Carr was like, as the trailer shows him acting a tad ‘antisocial’ perhaps.
It raises a few questions given that the slant of the media in ’44 meant he only plead guilty to manslaughter and served two years of a twenty year sentence. Saying that, it also makes me think of harassment, abuse and how much someone can be pushed. I haven’t read much on the event except the basics therefore I am intrigued whether the victim and villain labels will be blurred. Excuse my ignorance if there’s anyone who knows a richer perspective of the events.

As for the other famous writers it intertwines , we’ve got Jack Huston playing Jack Kerouac (whom now I can’t think of without seeing Kristen Stewart’s hand job scene in On the Road!) and Ben Foster (the sharp faced villain from Hostage to the tween poster boy Angel in X-Men: The Last Stand) as William Burroughs.

So if you’re into the exuberant yet dark portrayal of those bohemian non-conformists of their time, then check out the trailer: Kill Your Darlings

Regardless of the drama, Radcliffe does suit being a hipster don’t ‘e.

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