Wonder fun…and wine



7 Wonders; designed by Antoine Bauza, a fantastic board/card development game that cures a Monday night of repeat television – along with friends and good red wine. A heavy reminder of an 80s fantasy novel, your given ‘Wonder’ lasts over three ages (in the form of three decks of cards). Dealt seven cards per round, you pick one and pass the rest on to the next player. Cards can have immediate effect to your play or they offer upgrades and bonuses later in the game. Basically just choose as strategically as possible. Then you reveal your card, swapping resources and getting excited when you have more of the same colour – and getting pissed off when you misread the card (total newb) and have to pay everyone else coins to use it!
The game continues in this fashion until you have a growing empire of armies, guilds, commercial, scientific and civilian structures, plus the building of your Wonder over the three ages. By the end of the last deck of cards, whoever has the most points is the winner. It’s a medievalist’s wet dream. It can be a little confusing at first if you’re coming from a Scrabble or Monopoly background; the symbols and explanations on the cards take time to grasp. However once your head is around it, it’s actually incredibly simple.

Website reviews say its best played with four, yet it allows three to seven players. You can also buy extension packs once you’re addicted and over the initial 7 Wonder boards provided. We discovered last night there’s actually an app for the scorecard! A major load off! I’ve only played it a handful of times and each time I’m forming new strategies to gain the most points. So far I’ve come last every time but that’s no shock to the system.

If you’re interested in buying just Google, however I’ve been recommended to purchase games from either Milsims or Advent Games

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One thought on “Wonder fun…and wine

  1. Best game ever! Can’t wait to get expansion packs šŸ™‚ relatively a fast game and you really don’t have a clue who will win till the very end! Love it šŸ™‚

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