Ichabod (it’s fun to say out loud)


I taped (taped…do we still say that?) the first two episodes of the new series distributed by Fox, Sleepy Hollow. The short story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving is a favourite of mine so I wanted to sit down with undivided attention without being bothered by what toothpaste is whiter or what this week’s sterling episode of Australian X-Factor is going to entail.

Now I don’t actually watch that much TV except putting my cartoons on while I do the dishes. I have my shows and that’s about it until I find another I enjoy. Give me an intelligent comedy that makes me feel; or a drama/adventure with violence, street justice and twists that will make my jaw drop. If I’m going to donate my time to television, it’s got to turn me into something equivalent to a crack addict to get to the next episode. With Sleepy Hollow, I am a little reserved to start raving about it. It has been a while since I started a new programme so I’m trying to recall if I was as calm and collected after watching the first episode of Game of Thrones (on that shit like white on rice) as I was after watching Sleepy Hollow. I was satisfied with the action and violence, it kept me sated. And I will say, although predictable, the times when I knew something was about to jump onto the screen, I had a few ‘ooh my’ moments . It’s no horror but hey, it’s a little suspenseful.

You know when you watch those movies aimed at teens – and a minor character close to the main character passes away at the beginning, and the main character seems to get over it in ya know, five minutes – and you’re thinking oh OK carry on then. I get the same feeling from watching this show. I don’t know if that’s down to the script, characters or even the considered time frame to work with per episode, but I did feel it bounding over necessary parts of the emotional psyche in what we see as character development (considering they’ve been dealt with gruesome murder of close friends, the fear of more victims to come, altered perspective of reality and the apocalypse may be imminent). No pun intended, but I suppose I found it a little ‘hollow’. Seeing Lt. Abbie Mills’s sister doing chin ups ala Sarah Connor at the end of episode two gave me a wee giggle.

Tom Mison is enjoyable to watch as Ichabod Crane, the cute quips regarding his adjustment to the 21st century are rather endearing and comical. The chemistry between he and Lt. Mills (Nicole Beharie) is part of my decision to say I am undecided. Referring to my statement above, I just wanted to see her cry about the Sheriff getting murdered, especially when she pretty much notes he was a father figure. However it is early days. Who knows, in three weeks time I could be having a one sided screaming match with the telly because I can’t believe what is happening; and feeling compelled to write the network asking why they can’t just stream the episodes one after the other like a long movie.

Yet – I muse with a shrug – it’s still entertaining. We’ll see.

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