Cowabunga dude…


Yes, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are returning to the Silver Screen in 2014. It has been copping some flack from the mega fans since 2011 when rumours of the script and background of the Turtles came to light. It appears there’s been many issues with the script to the point it was pushed back to 2014 instead of a 2012 release date. It will be directed by Jonathan Liebesman and produced by Michael Bay.

Yet the plot isn’t the answers I seek. As soon as I found out I wanted to know how they were doing the suits??!!! Actual suits like the good ‘ole days or are we up for another animation. No – emerged photos of the cast show them adorned in motion capture suits. TMNT meets Avatar!!!

Jump on Wiki or other forums if you’re a hard core turtle tripper to find out more.

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