Holly’s a bitch


So in the bookshop is the Penguin Classics section, so I guess I’m supposed to get through them. Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote is one that I’d wanted to read for a long time and I’m still yet to see the film. Ah those images of hipster Audrey Hepburn on all those cushions and Facebook cover photos. Such a fashion icon, such a beauty…if you read the book my god is she a bitch.

Maybe I’m just being ignorant because I do understand it’s a blurry and sad story for an out there character given the time it’s set in; I suppose I was surprised. Holly’s attitude and depressive outbursts were not what I expected from the social media images of pearls and skyscrapers.

Holly is a very selfish and damaged girl; and if her attitude were a little better to those around her, I would almost praise her for being a non-conformist to society’s view of young women of the time. (The living single in the city part, not the scheming for a rich husband part).

It’s a sweet read, especially from innocent Fred’s point of view. You do wonder if the poor fella had many other friends after Holly. Thank god he rescued the cat! Now to compare with the movie…

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