Oh My Fantasy


Good ‘ole Facebook showed a shared link of this absolutely amazing artwork from prodigious sculptress Wood-Splitter-Lee.

An array of fantasy-woodland inspired critters has been sold on eBay, and her work has been noticed by film companies (name dropping LOTR!).

I love the bold use of colour to match with the farmland surrounding them. Their faces are so precise and emotive, it’s like they have literally walked out of a fantasy novel. Especially the little baby wolf – lots of feels.

So much inspiration can be drawn from her work. Be sure to have a look at her other pieces on Deviant Art with the link above.

hand_made_poseable_wolf_pup__by_wood_splitter_lee-d6y39y6 _sold_hand_made_poseable_moondust_raccoon__by_wood_splitter_lee-d6w4ic1 _sold__hand_made_poseable_mount_and_rider__by_wood_splitter_lee-d6uvmp8 __sold__posable_fantasy_fire_fox__by_wood_splitter_lee-d5o8eg4 _sold_hand_made_poseable_baby_cotton_candy_unicorn_by_wood_splitter_lee-d6d6syt __sold__posable_fantasy_moon_dust_wolf_by_wood_splitter_lee-d5ntl96 __sold__hand_made_poseable_fantasy_thunder_stag__by_wood_splitter_lee-d6cle7f __sold___poseable_siberian_arctic_wolf__by_wood_splitter_lee-d6eh4jy

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