String Stories


Every school term I guest speak at a PEAC class called Write For a Reason. It’s a class aimed at gifted and talented students who show a flare for creative writing. Their ages range from 10-12 so far and they are truly incredible kids. I help them with their end of term writing projects, create activities for inspiration and idea flowing and discuss writing from a grown-up’s perspective hehe.

One activity is what the class has dubbed a ‘string story’. I told the kids to write one sentence, then pass it onto the next person, who will write another sentence to follow. They then have to cover the sentence they read and only leave their own exposed for the next person. When each has had a turn, we stop and read out the story they all helped create. What I read from these kids blows me away every time.

The above in the picture is one of these creations. I slapped one of my own photographs with it to make it look pretty haha!

I’ll have to post some more in the future. Amazing!

This activity ain’t just for kids either. If you have a writing group or buddy etc, try it out – it’s really fun and some results range from heart stopping to side-achingly hilarious.

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