Bios of Character


After a while of reading a hoard of my beloved fantasy, adventure and saga after trilogy after historical romance, I sometimes find myself exhausted. Worlds start to merge and I seem to forget where I am and with a scratch of the head, not recall the wedding ceremony between Elizabeth Bennett and Robert Langdon…

(Shakes head) Anyway, when I’m feeling a bit detached from reality after a serious fiction purge, I find it’s time to start poking ’round the biography section.

Not only does it give me a sense of balance in my reading, but I find it a delicious source for character ideas in my own writing. Hearing of other people’s youth, families and living conditions can remind you of just how much is out there. Some of it’s enthralling, sometimes depressing, sometimes surreal but damn does it take you away from what you know.
The pictures begin to form in your head for a new character or the ones you’re trying to mould and can’t quite bring that extra dimension.

They always say to take what you know from real life. I guess sometimes it’s great hearing from someone else’s bizarre reality.

Here’s list of one’s I’ve read:







America’s Mistress: Eartha Kitt, Her Life and Times and Billy I’m still yet to read.

A quick tiddle – I’m in the book shop and I pick up the Eartha Kitt one; my husband goes “Who’s that?”. I simply look at him and say ” Pull the lever, Kronk!”
He laughed and replied “Wrong leverrrrrr! Haha yeah get that one.”

I’ll be honest, I only really go for the celebrity stories – I must change that. I just usually see a ‘child-bride’ horror story most of the time and then get angry or depressed before I even pick the damn thing up and walk away from it.
If anyone has any suggestions on some ‘can’t put down’ non-celeb stories then please comment below.

In the meantime I still have to finish The Taker by Alima Katsu, so it’s back to the void. See you in real life.

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