Throwback Thursday – 90s

Who remembers this show!!!


I used to watch this with my Mum and Nanna. It obviously got funnier as I got older, many of the jokes being lost on a 6 year old. Nicholas Lyndhurst is so energetic as Gary and I remember loving how his interaction with the past affected particular portions of history. One episode I loved was when the time portal went faulty and they were bouncing all over different time periods. In turn this caused Jack the Ripper to enter the 90s and get hit by a car immediately after; explaining the mysterious ending of the murders and lack of a perp.

Great show, charming sets and quirky characters (gotta love Noel Coward)!

If you’re a fan of Brit comedies and of Lyndhurst (Only Fools and Horses), then give this one a go.

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