Little Mermaid Sing-a-Long

In the darkness of Cinema 4 for now the third time in the last few weeks, you’ll find two grown women and a teenager enjoying (and taking photos of) a Disney film along with a tirade of two-five year olds and their patient parents.


The second last week of the Disney Princess marathon means this weekend only, Innaloo are showing The Little Mermaid. Been totally psyched all week!!! Gotta say that I’m pretty jealous I still haven’t claimed myself a Disney Princess dress for the occasion like all the other little girls…
However showing up in a purple bikini and a tail made from green electrical tape would not have been well received by many.

Costume or naught, we still managed to belt out all the words to the songs including the ‘ya ya – ya ya ya’s in Kiss the Girl.

Next week is Snow White – where I face my fears; instead of hiding around the corner and peeking out to see if the witch (and dwarves) were gone…according to my mother.


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