First Kiss

20 Strangers Kiss for First Time

So this video has gone viral!

I absolutely love the concept. Guess I’ve always been a hopeless romantic!

Now let’s pretend I don’t have a husband right now; I would love to take part in something like this. The experience would be amazing in terms of a new way to instantly connect with someone. I wonder what happened to those people afterward? Now keep your mind out the gutter – I’m not talking about ooooooo did they ‘do it’, but it would be nice to know if some of them went further or stayed in touch. OK…I’m not that PG. My mind gets tossed into the Venetian canal for most things; show me a banana and I’ll giggle. I suppose they are young, pretty and were already outgoing enough to do it, so yeah alright I guess some of them had been up for the horizontal nasty-nasty afterward. But hey, I’ll chalk that down to a much more romantic and fulfilling experience rather than the usual “MY FRIEND THINKS YOU’RE HOT, GO MAKE OUT WITH THEM!” in amongst all the sweat and beer-fruit flavoured mash up of breath and body while a remix of Wrecking Ball plays in the background.

Seeing videos like this reminds me of how much I love books with romance. Watching this connection happen, although physical, is how you feel when the characters meet for the first time. Watching this is what that feeling LOOKS LIKE! “But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?”…oh please, just KISS HER FFS! Yeah, that’s what we’re all really thinking. And yet you don’t actually want it to happen, you simply cannot wait for the good part.

The great thing about it is that a kiss taken out of context like this is perfection. No groping (yet), no sex (…yet), just that step that goes from I know nothing to I know something. It’s full of implications and promises of something more. Bam, ultra recipe for romance.


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