Snow White Hoedown

Snow White Dancing

So the Innaloo Disney Princess Marathon came to a close after showing Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Three generations (my Nanna, my Mum and me) went to see it marking the 20th anniversary since we last watched it together. This time I managed to sit all the way through it without running away screaming from the cinema and only standing behind the wall so I could peek out to check if the witch had gone; true story. Apparently I was also prejudiced against the dwarfs.

Now obviously this movie has aged in ideal since 1937 but who cares – I’m not here to talk about feminism or the fact that a 14 year old was living unmarried with seven men. Oh no – all those issues pale into insignificance when you remember that this movie has got to have one of THE BEST hoedown scenes in animation cinema history.


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