’30’ Minutes Later

Posting to report on my 30 minute exercise.

I typed my literal first word of the session when my laptop screen went black and into sleep mode. To my knowledge it was fully charged. I tried again and it did it a second time.


So I yell for husband to help me – extension cord is in the shed. Tango with the cord across the backyard, plug in the laptop and give it a few minutes to gather strength and nourishment.

I lift the lid for a third attempt when my cat Roo starts wailing to join me outside. I ignore her as she’s not allowed outside because she can’t be trusted. She wails louder. Yell for husband again and ask him to take her in his study (note I’m interrupting him from his practice time). He comes outside and does this so she is happy and cooperative.


Write a sentence and the laptop goes black and to sleep mode again.
Little book of calm, little book of calm, 10 minutes left on the timer, little book of calm.

Restart timer and hand write successfully for 30 minutes.

Roo wrestles out of her leash and I have to run and catch her from disappearing over the fence. Cat goes back inside.

I write for 10 more minutes.


Hooray! Things were accomplished. Who wants a drink!

P.S. Roo is still yelling at me.

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