Paperback Princess

Who else remembers this book?


As a reader/writer/pop-culture lover, sometimes I wonder why my interests are my interests. What lures me to sci-fi/fantasy/indie/violent storylines, hooks and characters? My parents aren’t avid readers and when they do read, it’s modern fiction (family, children, romance) and hobby magazines. My Nanna is a big reader, but again the modern lifestyle and sometimes crime novels.
Where does my love for the strange and otherworldly come from?

The Paperbag Princess is just one of the books that stand out as distant memories I’ve hung onto since being a child. This book was in no way my favourite, however I saw it on social media recently and remembered being read it in Year One. Year One!!!! I was six years old, this book read to me once and kept in the classroom bookshelf and I had it stored away in the mental vault for all those years.

Yet there’s more: Mr Men and Little Miss, Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton, Spot the Dog, Hairy Maclary…


This progressed into Harry Potter, Shakespeare, Nancy Drew, Edgar Allen Poe, more Roald Dahl, Dan Brown and 80s historical romance from opshops…


Furthermore I discovered and still search for Sara Douglass, David Gemmell, Fiona McIntosh, Melanie La’Brooy, Kevin J. Anderson, Joe Abercrombie, Horrible Histories (still a big kid), Lauren Kate, Richelle Mead, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, autobiographies from the weird types and the array of classics coming back from their crypts.


Plus many more!

My obsession for the romanticism of fantasy and the chaotic is like a drug and I believe it all started with those tales of princes and princesses in faraway lands.

Whether it be psychological damage, my belief of life being more than what we see, or severe brainwashing by Disney, I wouldn’t change my genre lovers for the world. I read books to go on adventures, and this little girl has experienced some amazing ones.


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