I Can’t Play Chess

I know right?! Who doesn’t know how to play chess? Why can’t I be part of that awesome scene from Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows!!!

Regardless, my husband tolerates me as I sit there staring at the Mario chess board with a giant Barbie smile and hand on my chin in pseudo understanding. Meh, what do I care; he wins, he’s happy, I get a great dinner. After all I have no desire to be good at chess…

…and then I see this chess board in Cash Converters…




Holy hell I want to learn to annihilate mofos using this chessboard!!! It fell out of an 80s fantasy novel. I’ll dye my hair, change my name; someone teach me to be as good as those international 12 year olds. Where’s my Mr Miyagi of chess – I wanna slay and pillage!

2 thoughts on “I Can’t Play Chess

  1. I am sure over half the chess players in the world share your thoughts, or perhaps frustration. When you find and easy solution you will become independently wealthy and will no longer have an urge to play chess. Till then however…the lack of force is with us.

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