Poetry at a Glance


Alex Biddle performs for OUTspoken at The Sparrow’s Nest.

I had no idea Perth had such a passionate poetry scene. Watching some local and national poets express their work in the spoken word reminded me of the welcomed subjectivity that poetry offers.

I wrote a lot of poetry when I was a teenager but perhaps I felt more then. As time goes on, like all writing or other creative pursuits, I began to doubt that what I expressed was worthy. Hearing the Featured Artists showcase and OUTspoken on the Friday night of the 2015 Perth Poetry Festival, made me remember that poetry is so kind and respectfully personal. I heard lines surrounding the Australian landscape, recollections of family based sweet-nothings, abstract alter egos as well as social and political outcries, and confident, cheer-worthy sexuality.


Pierre Van Osselaer gives an animated performance at Featured Poets.


Alexis Lateef speaks fondly of Fremantle at Featured Poets.

I still write a poem every now and then, mainly spurred by anger, moments of despondency, or occasional peace, and as I heard the guest poets and open mic participants speak, I was greatly inspired to try and dig up an old piece of work from the buried chests of my mind and share something in return to those who shared their soul so willingly.

But alas, not this year… because for me Friday night was all about listening. I needed that perspective to feel apart of the giant hug that is a community of writers. However it was the night that a friend of mine decided to read some of his work for the first time. Seeing someone get past a fear sat well and warm in my chest, and of course each poem he read was well received. (Much love to you and I hope you keep sharing!).


Sufyaan Mohamed with Rose van Son after his first reading. Well done Sufy!

I had hoped to attend the first heat of the Poetry Slam on the Saturday night, however I unfortunately didn’t see the time change and missed out. Not to fear as there are more to come on upcoming Saturdays at The Rosemount.

Well done to the participants and thanks to the guest poets that attended. You all made Perth’s creative scene flourish even further.

Imaged sourced from WA Poets Inc.

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