Master of my Manuscript

Hopeful and fist-pumping news!

I’ve got a place in the Fiona McIntosh Commercial Fiction Masterclass in April next year!

My first Fiona McIntosh experience was with Tor and Alyssa in the Trinity trilogy which ended very bittersweet and only added to my addiction of stories where love lasts across many feats, failures and far distances. It’s hard to imagine myself amongst writers that can create their own worlds and describe multiple character perspectives like that. However I’m tired of doubting myself so I won’t even bother going down that train of thought.

I have eight months to practice as well as smash out work on my manuscript which sounds fabulous and terrifying all at the same time.

A huge thanks to Fiona for being so communicative given her tour commitments, and also to my parents and dear nanna for supporting me in this venture.

Holy hell, will I live up to the class??!! Eeeeeep đŸ˜±

Image sourced from Feathered Throttle.

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