Appreciating Sleeping Beauty


Since 15 February a Disney Princess marathon has taken place in Perth.

So of course I’ve gone mental.

The first weekend was Beauty and the Beast which is one of my personal favourites and yesterday was Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty I haven’t seen since I was a kid so to see it as an adult was quite an experience. Unlike Beauty and the Beast due to owning it on DVD and watching it over and over, I didn’t realise what an individual aspect I didn’t pick up on as a child – the artwork.

OMG the artwork by Eyvind Earle in this film is beautiful! I’m sure I’m behind the times on this one but I don’t care. I was mesmorised by the crowded, detailed landscape imagery and the style of the trees and woodlands are so romantic and historic.

Here are some snaps I took off Google for fun. We all had our Disney preferences due to what our parents happened to buy us on video (mine were Cinderella and The Little Mermaid) so if you missed Sleeping Beauty and are an art fan then check it out. I have a whole new appreciation for the beauty in this film (no pun intended). 😉

Sleeping Beauty Art 5Sleeping Beauty art 4

sleeping beauty art 3 Sleeping Beauty Art 2

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