Epic Fails


Day One of the Writers’ Block course at the primary school!!!

Today’s lesson is about Failure. The kiddies have to write a time in which they failed either via prose, poetry or however their hyper minds decide.

Without failure there is no success…or something in which covers disappointment haha – but seriously.

Being aspiring writers, I find it beneficial that the first thing we teach them is that it’s ok to fail. Especially when they grow up and become crazy as bat poop adult writers – may as well encourage them to kick on rather than accept depression and anxiety. As poetic as it sounds, going about life like Ernest Hemingway is not how I want these cuties to view themselves!

So far their stories are very interesting – they’re turning failure into comedy; third person reality. And the ones that need their stories to improve, we just point and laugh at them and congratulate them on their failure.

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