The ‘Small’ War Stories


It’s the release day for The Monuments Men, a movie I’ve been highly anticipating!
I’m ignoring some of the negative/average reviews as it’s my kind of story – I wanna make up my own mind.


I’ve never been a war movie fan. Gallipoli, Saving Private Ryan, We Were Soldiers; they just (no offence to fans) don’t appeal to me. I’m sure they’re fabulous movies but like the zombie genre, war movies just make me depressed and apprehensive to sleep lest it flare up my night terrors.

Give me the war stories that are sneaky, liberating, courageous and basically a massive flip of the bird to oppression and societal destruction on the scale that the Nazis enforced.

I loves stories like Defiance – an amazing battle for survival and secrecy; Inglorious Bastards – c’mon, do I really need to justify; and one of the lesser known ones, Two Men Went to War.

This was a small British comedy/drama that was as simple as the characters. However like the outcome of the true event, the ‘indie’ and humble feel to the film makes it quite an outstanding story.
The story revolves around two dental army corps, an ageing Sergeant and a doughy Private, who want to see some results after the lull in hope and victory began to weigh on Britain in 1942. Both wanting to get on out there and make a difference, they decide to go AWOL and invade occupied France on their own mission to stop the Nazis.

I’m not going to dish out spoilers but it says a lot for the tone of the story that they let Churchill know of their intentions by mail hahaha, classic.
If you haven’t seen it then make the effort. All I’ll say is the notes at the end about what happened to the characters is bittersweetly endearing.



If anyone can suggest similar styled stories in either book or film form, comment below!

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