Musical Memories


Ahh The Sound of Music is on!!! Up to the part where Maria leaves the Von Trapp household after that skank from Vienna convinces her to leave. Omg, the emotions!

My Mum and Nanna used to put this on for my cousins and I when we were little. It’s still a favourite of mine and what probably ignited my adoration for musicals and composed music in general.

The songs still give me goosebumps, as do many grand scores. No hate but I can’t understand how people find musicals lame. How does the music not affect them? After all music stems from a history of classical, operatic pieces. If everyone sings along to Hakuna Matata then how can you dislike a musical!?

If you haven’t seen this movie, grab a doona, turn up the volume and watch. Or purchase a ‘best of’ Andrew Lloyd Webber and turn all the lights off. Christ even buy the Pirates of the Caribbean or Sherlock Holmes soundtracks. Even the Vicar of Dibley theme song is stunning. (Not musicals I know but still dazzling music).

You do that; I’m gonna continue watching Maria and Captain Von Trapp with this face…


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